The Harlem Shake…

I have to admit, I am yet to watch a Harlem Shake video all the way through. I hadn’t even heard of it until last week I don’t think which officially categorises me as too old. If you only catch on to the latest viral meme trend after it’s losing it’s cool (planking anyone?) then you aren’t in the right demographic for it. Apparently the deal is that someone might start dancing with other people around being unaware until, according to Wikipedia, “the bass drops”. This meme started in Queensland Australia and uses the song “Harlem Shake”. Of course there are some very hot versions out there. This kind of video seems very popular with shirtless groups of jocks, army guys, gymnasts etc. The only reason I’m posting about this meme is because I found two animated gifs of a group of nude guys in a locker room, all wet and naked, doing the harlem shake. What’s the point if they aren’t naked right?

9 Responses to “The Harlem Shake…”

  1. 1 smoothkiwi

    Mesmerizing :-)

  2. 2 Mark

    Looks like a little bit of heaven to me!

  3. 3 Buddy Bear

    The shorter guy to the far right has the hottest body…. and, wow, he’s flopping around a lot of meat!

  4. 4 sfbarefeet

    Get me in the middle of that…

  5. 5 Fran Correas

    May I ask for where to find the video to see those hotties dancing? Thanks for the gif ;-)

  6. 6 martin

    This looks like so much fun. What is even more remarkable, at least to me, is that these guys all appear to be straight. Am I right or am I ready too much into it.

  7. 7 Kirill

    I’ve the entire video and posted it in my blog along with a couple of other naked versions of Harlem Shake

  8. 8 Timmy

    It’s great to see guys just having fun. Obviously no hangups with their bodies.

  9. 9 whackeddaddy

    This video just works on so many levels.

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