Every now and then I find myself very intrigued by a female celebrity. When it happens with male celebrities it’s usually because they are beautiful and keep taking their top off. When it’s a woman it’s clearly not that. Jennifer Lawrence is really hitting the big time and today sealed the hype with a Best Actress award at the Oscars for Silver Linings Playbook. So why am I crushing on her? Well she is absolutely stunning as these photos for dior show, but she’s also kinda goofy, down to earth and refreshingly candid in interviews, devoid of that scripted PR soundbite stuff that is a plague in Hollywood.

I really hope she sticks around. Not only is she beautiful and funny but clearly very talented. Sure she’s the star of a HUGE tween book trilogy made into a movie series, the Hunger Games, but unlike her main contemporary in that genre, Kristen Stewart, she looks like she’s having fun, not like she’s sucking on a lemon while having her clitoris sandpapered.