Blow Up!

It’s taken me two years to get my second photography exhibition up in a gallery after creative blocks and physical setbacks. When I was planning my Freedom exhibition I thought that would be it for at least another 18 months or so. Apparently not. My new flatmate is Travis De Jonk. He’s a photographer and artist who hails from Melbourne but moved up to Sydney for a career boost. At this very minute he’s in Platform 72, a gallery and commercial space on Oxford Street Sydney, putting the finishing touches to a group show for Mardi Gras. He has some of his own work in the show, along with several other photographers and artists including little old me.

Travis has included six pieces from my previous exhibition, Shrouded, in this new show which is called Blow Up! Aside from my excitement levels at being in two galleries at the same time, I’m hugely excited to be in a gallery alongside William Yang. Mr Yang is a long term fixture on the Australian art / photography scene and is very well known and loved on Sydney’s gay scene. He’s worth looking up.

For anyone that is interested, the show opens on the 19 February and runs until 5 March. Come along and see a great collection of artists! Details are on the Platform 72 website.