Waterhole Trio 1

Last night was the opening night of my Freedom exhibition. As with any night like that, I barely got to chat to anyone properly through out the evening but everyone seemed to be having a nice time which was great. I opened the show with one piece already sold and sold another piece throughout the night. A few people told me they were going to have to go home and discuss possible purchases with partners etc so hopefully there will be a few more sales to come! Above is the image that sold first and possibly my favourite image out of the 22 in the exhibition.

If you want to see the images in one spot, unfortunately facebook deemed them a bit too racy and I’ve been banned from posting even a status update for 24 hours. I hope you like. I will also be putting them up on my official website and gradually sharing them on here as well. A special thanks to blog reader Richard who flew from Adelaide to see the exhibition. I really wish we’d got a photo together, it was lovely to meet you and I’m very humbled that you came so far.

Update: I’ve created a new tumblr blog just for this exhibition. The images are all here.