So, today was Valentine’s day, that annual holiday that we all know is rammed down our throats by card companies and florists along with television and whoever needs to sell a few love songs. It doesn’t seem to matter. Even though I know it’s commercial drivel, when I’m not in a relationship, I hate it and I hate that I hate it. Let’s face it, I’ve only been in a relationship for one Valentine’s Day and that was 2 years ago and was very early in the relationship so almost doesn’t count.

When I’m in a relationship I like the idea of doing romantic things for my man and happily go along with it but I’d like to think I’m not totally unromantic the other 364 days of the year. What I miss the most being single is the kisses and cuddles. It’s not the sex-on-tap, although that would be nice, but the general intimacy that I want.

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day. And bah humbug!