Ever since aussieBum started all those years ago, something about the brand really clicked with me. I pretty much exclusively wear aussieBum underwear and on the occasions that I do wear swimwear, it’s aussieBum too. I’ve posted about them dozens and dozens of times on the blog but I still need to give them a huge thank you.

Sean and Guyon have once again come to my aid in the form of sponsoring my photography exhibition with financial support. Without their help, I’m not sure I’d have got this exhibition off the ground. Putting on a gallery show is a costly venture and the support they’ve given me has been amazing.

The barmen at my exhibition for opening night will be wearing some sexy aussieBums which will no doubt keep the gay men and straight women rather happy.

So I’d just like to say a huge thank you to the gang at aussieBum for their awesome support. Thank you!