With the UK about to legalize same sex marriage once again the spotlight is shining rather harshly on the outdated opinions of our Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader. Our Prime Minister is an athiest, unmarried woman living in a defacto relationship, working in a role that 40 years ago would have been almost impossible due to society’s attitudes toward gender roles. Our Opposition Leader is a religious conservative with a reputation for being less than progressive and rather dismissive of women.

One thing that all Australian leaders have had in common for decades is that we will almost blindly follow leaders of the U.K. and the U.S. in just about any endeavour, but especially into war. If anyone from Britain or America suggests that they need do go and bomb a country for whatever reason we are sending our troops in by the thousands within seconds. So why is it that our leaders, when asked about the U.K’s overwhelming vote in support of marriage equality overnight (400 to 175) they replied that what the British do is their own business and in no way changes their opinions on what is being done here? It’s a devastatingly disappointing double standard on the part of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. The only thing the two of them ever agree on is that gay people should be kept as lesser citizens in the eye of the Australian government.

As far as I can tell, at our last election the result was only decided (after days of negotiations) by independent members aligning themselves with Julia’s Labor Party to form a majority, so she is so beholden to independents and conservative groups like the Australian Christian Lobby to maintain her position that she will go with the conservative (minority) opinion of the Australian public. Tony is a religious conservative so when he wins the election in September (almost guaranteed) he sure as hell isn’t going to change the status quo so it looks like Australia is left to languish in conservative obscurity on the global stage for years to come.