On gay blogs and the gay internet it seems like male models or “personalities” come and go pretty quickly. If someone is popular and consistently featured for a few months around the place, they are doing well. I had a think about some guys that I’ve featured on the blog over the years and wondered what they are up to now. So let’s go from left to right.

Marco Dapper came to the collective gay consciousness in 2006 with the release of Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. It turns out he’s had a recurring role in Young and the Restless as well as cameo’s such as “hot guy” in other tv series here and there.

Scott Herman is still a fitness model and trainer. Scott first appeared in Real World: Brooklyn in 2009 and fast became an advocate for gay rights and trans rights which of course we love him for. It doesn’t hurt that he’s cute and buff and never wearing much.

Next up is Rusty Joiner who was on the cover of DNA Magazine and instantly became a lust object of mine. All tanned and buff and gorgeous. What’s not to love? It seems like he’s doing a bit of acting around the place. I hope he makes it big. I’d like to see him on the big screen. Like, filling it with his flesh.

Todd Sanfield is still around. Taking his clothes off in Motel/Hotel book by Kevin McDermott and selling his underwear line by just barely wearing them. He’s also studying to be a pharmacist and pretty active on twitter as well as modelling.

Last up is David Rich who I posted about back in 2006 on the old Aussielicious. He’d hit the scene with fitness videos and DVD’s and saw a marketing target in the gays. He also got his junk out for Playgirl. We like junk out guys. As far as I can tell he’s still working in the fitness industry.