Self Portrait challenge – Entry 1 and inspiration!

David is an enthusiastic contributor to challenges here at Aussielicious. I think he’s entered all of the photography challenges we’ve had and now he’s the first one to get a self portrait in for this one. Thanks David! David has taken this self portrait bathed in natural light softly filtered through the curtains. Being David (who runs the blog Natural City Man) he’s nude. I think that’s how he spends a lot of his time.

Below I’ve put together a bunch of photos that came up under a search for “self portrait” on tumblr. While I understand that not everyone has the time or the resources to bathe in milk or splatter the walls for a self portrait, you have to admire their dedication. Also I realise that I said no photos in the mirror with your phone or camera but that shot (3rd from the left) is a really cool shot regardless.

3 Responses to “Self Portrait challenge – Entry 1 and inspiration!”

  1. 1 Sue

    I’m going to try to do an entry this time. It is going to be difficult because I need to do special lighting which I need help with. But I will try my best to make the deadline.

  2. 2 Timmy

    Very nice photo!

  3. 3 Timmy

    Very nice photo!

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