There are no words

Clicking around the internet you end up in some strange places. I just found myself somewhere reading something that has genuinely upset me. I know I keep talking about HIV and bareback porn and the careless disregard amongst a lot of the gay community towards HIV Prevention. I found myself on a bareback porn profile of a performer. It said “taking as many strains of the death juice to help shape his destiny”.

What. The. Fuck? That distresses me so much. The use of death juice and destiny blatantly suggest that this guy wants to die from HIV. Now I realise that the performer didn’t write this bio and that it may be the words of the site manager. Even so, that just means that the site manager thinks that way and is completely turned on by being poz and being as infected as possible!

THIS is why sites like Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody, getting guys who aren’t poz to engage in poz sex just to make money should be taken to court and held accountable for putting their performers health at risk. If you want to do bareback porn, go work for a bareback studio where they sero-sort and are more honest about their practices.

This has inspired me to finally ask a question that has been niggling me for ages. I’m going to do it in the form of a poll so that it’s anonymous and I really hope that people answer honestly.

I want to know, if you are poz and into bareback sex, which came first? A love of cum and barebacking lead you to become HIV positive or becoming HIV positive lead you to discover a love of cum and barebacking?

As a HIV poz barebacker which came first?

  • I love cum & bareback and that's how I became poz (52%, 22 Votes)
  • I became poz and from there got into cum & bareback (48%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 42

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9 Responses to “There are no words”

  1. 1 Liam

    Yeah, it horrifies me that people can be so cavalier about HIV. One pill a day, or not, it is a life-altering diagnosis.

  2. 2 Mac

    I’m as shocked and horrified as you are. “Death juice”?! Really?!?!

  3. 3 Ulo

    i would have liked to have seen a third question on your poll, “My sero-status is irrelevant, i never bareback” just to give a random idea on how prevalent Barebacking is!

  4. 4 Nat Nasci

    I think if these guys could be taken back in time to the 1980’s and see the suffering and death that occurred they might think twice. Might.
    Having lost many friends, as I’m a lot of here have, during that time I not only find this cavalier attitude towards towards HIV horrifying, I find it sad. Is is some cry for attention? I don’t get it.

  5. 5 Billy

    Why they don’t get sued or charged with reckless endangerment is called informed consent; the producers just have to tell the the participants of the risk, get a John Hancock and let the bb fucking begin.

    Do i think they’re idiots: yes. But do I think they should be able to do it, it is their lives.

    I always wondered if they pay extra for for the bb.

    If the market didn’t demand it then it wouldn’t exist.

  6. 6 Eddie

    I am as horrified as you are, I have lost a few friends to HIV and AIDS

    The first good friend I lost was hemophiliac and thru no fault of his own he was infected, others passed away due to complications of the medications and one took his own life as he could not stand taking all the pills and did not wish to be a burden on his partner.

    I have allways taken precautions as I have far too much living still to do.

  7. 7 David


    You wrote:
    “But do I think they should be able to do it, it is their lives.”

    That’s indisputable. Of course it’s their lives. And clearly those who bareback are potentially harming their lives.

    BUT my question to you, & ALL of us is the issue of cost. I’m made aware that HIV treatment costs roughly $25,000 US dollars a year. Are these barebackers paying this exorbitant bill themselves? Not at all. The rest of us tax payers are footing their medical bill. I think this is terribly unfair.

    Is that ok with the test of us?

  8. 8 Tommy

    Whoa! Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher may engage in bareback porn, but they do NOT advertise Poz porn there’s a difference!Treasure Island Media and Hot Desert Knights, yes,those companies knowingly engage in “toxic” porn…but get your facts straight man.

  9. 9 Stephen

    Not all poz individuals bareback. It would be good to have a 3rd question related to how many poz folks play safe / don’t bareback.

    Love your site btw!

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