A few years ago, my rather prudish brother-in-law made a comment about Brad Pitt and the size of his appendage after the nude photos of him beside a pool were sold and shared around the world. Let’s just say the comment wasn’t very complimentary. In recent years I’ve seen a lot of rather similar comments made on blogs about other men and their cocks. Each time I see a comment belittling the size of someone’s cock I try and take a moment to look at it and decide whether it is small or the commenter is being harsh. A vast majority of the time, I think the person is being quite harsh.

In our modern, very modest society where people are afraid to get changed in the gym locker room without a towel around them or even outside the shower cubicle, we are losing a real world opportunity to compare ourselves to our peers, instead relying on the internet for our comparisons which is a very dangerous game to be playing. Most of the people that have their cock out on the internet that we are looking at are porn stars who as a bit of a career requirement tend to have big ones.

One of the most common fears that people mention to me when the topic of nude beaches comes up is that “oh I’m a grower not a shower.” Well join the line buddy. The vast majority of men are not packing a baseball bat between their legs. One visit to a nude beach and you’ll feel quite reassured that you are normal. We all have big dick days where our cock is hanging a bit heftier than normal and small dick days where it seems to be nervous to say hi to the world. I’m not going to deny that I love looking at a big swinging meaty schlong bouncing around on the nude beach or in the locker room but do I expect it? No.

A few years ago I did a survey here on Aussielicious asking people honestly how big their dick is. Since it was an anonymous poll I’m hoping that the results are genuine and honest. Click here to see those results. Sure, that poll was asking about size when erect but it gives an indication. If you want more of an indication, look for candid shots of naked guys on tumblr. Look for the ones that aren’t models but regular guys, mates goofing around nude, or guys on the nude beach. Sure, some guys are blessed, but most of us are average. Hence the term average.