It’s been a while since we’ve had a photography challenge here on Aussielicious but I think it’s time. We are going back to revisit the first theme that we had for a photography challenge and that is a self portrait. When you are taking a photo for this challenge, be creative, be artistic. Keep in mind how this challenge works, the winner of each challenge donates a print of their winning image to the winner of the next challenge so these photos are hopefully going to grace the wall of a stranger. If I see anyone sending me a shot like something from Guys With iPhones I won’t accept it. Unless you do something genuinely very creative there is no reason that a self portrait should have the camera in it and if you win, you’ll need to be providing a good quality print at a decent size so an iPhone generally won’t cut it.

I’m accepting submissions til the end of February so you have a month to come up with a beautiful, creative, artistic and wonderful self portrait. Email your submissions to by the end of Feb. The photo above is a self portrait I did a couple of years ago. You can do a nude if you like, you can do full frontal if you like or you can be completely clothed too. That’s entirely up to you. Any photos with erections will not be accepted as a general and long standing policy of Aussielicious. Right… GO!