I recently approached a guy on model mayhem about doing some full frontal nude photos. He has some in his portfolio so I figured it was a safe bet. Apparently not. He has a boyfriend that doesn’t want him doing that, which is fair enough. The guy I spoke to has also been very happy on nude beaches over the years but the same boyfriend doesn’t want “everyone seeing his dick”. I get that it can be an issue for some people. The part that turns this whole scenario on its head is the fact that they are both escorts and work together and separately.

Let me get this straight. People seeing a photo of your man’s cock or seeing it innocently on the nude beach is an issue, but paying him by the hour to touch it, suck it, sit on it is ok? I’m confused. Everyone has their boundaries and their rules within a relationship but I would have thought being ok with being seen nude would come somewhere before having sex with other people, not be more of a problem.

I’ve chatted to both of them now, and they seem like really nice guys but that seems like a contradictory set of values to me.

Update: One comment has questioned whether I’m judging this couple. Not at all. I am genuinely fascinated by the different way relationships are handled and the politics that goes in to making and keeping each other happy and what the rules may be. Since my own knowledge is mostly theoretical, it really intrigues me to hear about the practical implications.