What’s your Scottish Fantasy?

Today I came across a post about a new character being added to the Cirque Du Soleil show Zumanity in Las Vegas. I didn’t get to see Zumanity when I was there due to time and budget restrictions but I do want to see it. Sadly the shows that are permanent in a city don’t get released on DVD. The new character is being referred to “Scottish Fantasy”. The images above are from the costume fitting which I have to say looks fantastic. I’m not sure many people would require such a long sporren on the front so maybe our fantasy has some rather hefty attributes. God knows in the thoughts running through my mind he does.

I’ve always liked the idea of sexy guys in kilts walking around with nothing underneath and that slim chance of a tantalising glimpse. You can watch a video of the wardrobe fitting by clicking here.

9 Responses to “What’s your Scottish Fantasy?”

  1. 1 David Asset

    Unfortunately, the costume design seems to have been altered from the original sketch. The back of the kilt is alas no longer opened. The hunk is totally draped all around. Zumanity was a fast-moving fun show with something for everybody. Lots of male flesh and lots of female titty, too! I hope they left the male stripper in the show.

  2. 2 BosGuy

    LOL – I was suckered into this story too and will be posting later today. Guys + Kilts = Hawt.


  3. 3 Walt

    No wonder they chose “Loud” McLeod tartan. The guy looks pretty hot and the fact they are doing a fantasy it is Ok. For the Purists the kilt is worn too low and should be at the waist not the hips also the sporran chain must be really uncomfortable against the skin instead of the kilt fabric. If you want to make your own fantasy you can get a kilt and all the accessories at usakilts.com. BTW I have been a customer of usa kilts but I have no affiliation with them whatsoever.
    I also like the black socks better than the ones that use the plaid. Usually the plaid should be on the bias on the socks.

  4. 4 Sue

    Why so much makeup? He was gorgeous before!

  5. 5 Richard

    I always wondered what those things in front of the kilt were called. Thanks for educating me.

  6. 6 Jack Moss

    You can’t beat a nice set of low hanging nads under a kilt.
    Time to slip on the ball stretcher!

  7. 7 Mac

    I’m a massive fan of kilts but not had the guts to wear one.

  8. 8 David Asset

    Thanks, Brenton for pointing out my error. I guess at some point during this act, the kilt comes off!

  9. 9 Lyndsay

    The guy in the pic, Alex, also has an Aussie boyfriend.

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