Surely it’s time we moved on.

Whenever I hear a call on the radio or tv for people to donate blood as supplies are running low or for people to register as a bone marrow donor when they donate blood my blood boils. In what is an outrageous double standard, straight people that could well be having unprotected sex every day are allowed to donate blood but gay men, some like me who have barely had any sex in the last 12 months, are forbidden because we are seen as high risk for HIV. This is an outdated relic from the AIDS epidemic that is the same as the U.S.

This video below is for the fight to change that law in the U.S. Maybe Australia needs a similar campaign. It offends me so much when I hear those ads begging for blood but people like me who even if I was having sex, have is safely are banned from donating. I’m assuming that if a family member needed a bone marrow transplant, that I’d be allowed to test for it, but general blood donations, no way.

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  1. 1 Sue

    I couldn’t agree more!

  2. 2 Mike

    I never realized this until I tried to donate blood for the first time last year with a group of family members. After the screening process and not being allowed to donate, you really do feel worthless and second class. I did anyways..
    Thanks Canadian Blood Bank. Next time be sure to put “But no gays” in your campaign. This would have saved me the time and grief of having to explain to my younger cousins why I was blacklisted.

    Signed, bitter and venting

  3. 3 Noud

    In Holland the same story, I have AB Neg. so very rare. I can only receive AB- so I thought it was my duty to domate. They won´t even take my blood to reserve for my own supply if needed. It realy is a shame.

  4. 4 J in L.A.

    THANK YOU BRENTON!!! This is such an old relic rule…shouldn’t they screen and test EVERYONE’s blood? HIV has no color, ethnicity,gender preference,class,etc. We need to wake up here in the States
    @Mike:Same thing happened to me,and I was very bitter and felt worthless,but we are better than that,I hope all of North America switches this old rule up

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