This afternoon a mate sent me a text saying “My condolences. How are you holding up?” I thought he had sent it to the wrong person and asked “What for?” It turns out a few newspapers have grabbed half of a story and twisted it and run with it, as they usually do, announcing that Kylie was retiring from music to concentrate on acting. They said part of the reason was that she’d split with her manager of 25 years Terry Blamey which was the result of tension between he and Kylie’s father. That’s when I smelt a rat.

It turns out she has parted ways with her manager but has done so very amicably and is pulling back from music for a while to focus on herself and some acting after being well received in the art house movie “Holy Motors” last year. While I’m not thrilled that she’s pulling back from music for a while, she has flatly refuted the story that she’s retiring from music. I had heard she was already recording new music but apparently that wasn’t right either. As long as she doesn’t disappear completely.

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