People are still dying!

There are so many guys out there who aren’t worried about being infected with HIV these days and so many porn studios pushing their models to have bareback sex that infection rates are on the rise. It seems to be a vicious cycle that the bareback porn glamourises bareback sex and fans of bareback sex are driving the demand for bareback porn.

Yesterday I had a “woof” on Scruff from a really hot guy that I had seen on the nude beach with his former porn model boyfriend. This guy’s profile name was “rawbottom”. I asked him if that meant that he was poz and he replied that yes he was. When I told him I only play safe, that was when he stopped replying. So it’s safe to assume that he only plays raw from that response. Even if he is HIV+ there are so many strains and mutations of HIV that he is continually putting his health at risk. I know that’s not unusual in the poz/barebacking world as there is a mentality that once you have HIV you can’t get it again. True, but you can develop treatment-resistant infections.

For anyone that doesn’t believe that HIV is an issue anymore, there have been a couple of high profile HIV related deaths in recent weeks. An American HIV rights pioneer died a couple of weeks ago. Sadly I can’t find the article now on Towleroad to tell you his name. The that will be more familiar to most gay men is that of Josh Weston, porn star with Falcon and Hot House amongst others. Josh died of HIV related illness just a couple of weeks ago at age 39. True, HIV is not the guaranteed death sentence it used to be but it will reduce your life span and quality of life to a certain extent. Medications have side effects which take a toll on your body. There is an emotional toll too from the lingering unfortunate stigma of being HIV+ which is a huge shame and there is the financial cost. Medication is subsidized in the UK and to a lesser extent, here in Australia, but in the U.S. as with a lot of medical care, it’s very expensive.

Please look after yourselves guys.

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  1. 1 kazza

    Great Post! People are more blase about HIV/AIDS now because of the anti-retrovirals etc. Please people, be very careful. Have a genuine look-see at what this virus does. I have lost loved ones to it. It does horrible things to the body, you are more susceptible to other illnesses/viruses and the meds are not nice -don’t believe the advertisements with the hunky guys looking good on the meds. Please love your body and love others enough to take precautions. And please take care.

  2. 2 Martin

    Spencer Cox may be the name you were looking for.

  3. 3 Brian

    If you’re old enough you’ll remember the start of the plague and the first decade or so, HIV was a death sentence. Any medications were either useless or so toxic they were almost worse. Medical advancements have made so many forget that there is no cure. At best you’re keeping it in check. But what happens when the meds stop working? HIV has evolved and will evolve much like the influenza virus has, likely making existing treatments useless. People tire of always being careful, but they should realise that the alternative is really not one they want to live with,

  4. 4 Joey
  5. 5 Mac

    Completely and utterly agree. I’ve used the line “I’m clean and intend to stay that way” which is either met with being blocked or some kind of derision, which I can completely live with if it means not putting my health at risk.

  6. 6 Liam

    I am going to get a lot of sh*t for saying this, but I confess that I find bb porn hot (the Bel Ami variety or when the guys are healthy looking; I find it horrifying when you can tell the participants are positive or are sickly looking). But I never bareback in my personal life outside a monogamous relationship – and that hasn’t been the case for years.

    Maybe it’s because I’m older and was a sexually aware 13 year old when the first cases of HIV started hitting the news in NYC where I grew up, but the idea of risking my physical and emotional health for a few minutes of passion with someone I do not know is something I cannot fathom and will never do.

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