A sad first for me.

Today I had a bit of an argument on youtube with a fellow commenter on a video. That video is below and is the trailer for the now internationally famous Tropfest Short Film Festival. The trailer features a brief shot of two men kissing which a guy commenting on the video took exception to. His initial comment was “So it’s ok to be shoving two guys kissing down children’s throats is it?”. I replied to his comment that it was better than teaching children hate and intolerance and bigotry. Things escalated when he replied that I was a gay pole dancer (shocking isn’t it?) and asked if liked twinks or bears because if I like twinks then I am practically a pedophile. He kept calling me an idiot and asking if I was a pedophile. So I told him that I’d reported him for harassment to youtube, which I did, and now, thankfully the comments have been disabled on the video.

It’s the first time anyone has directly accused me of being a pedophile simply making the connection because I’m gay. It’s a terrible thing to accuse someone of, especially as like most people, I am completely repulsed by the idea of anyone shattering the innocence of childhood. It just goes to show that despite all the progress that we are making around the world, there are always going to be narrow minded morons who think that we are baby steps away from molesting children and marrying animals.

Now to the video in question. It’s a bonkers little video which essentially sums up the nature of the short film festival. It’s always quirky and oddball but it’s grown from a tiny little festival in a cafe in Sydney to a festival screened in a big city park on giant screens and around the world I believe. By the way, the crazy commenter took exception to the woman’s “Covered breast being exposed” WTF?


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  1. 1 jim

    I wish I had something profound or prophetic to say but some people are idiots and there is nothing that can be done about it.

    People say don’t let it get too you, but we are only human and hurtful/hateful comments cause hurt.

    We can only hope this person will have an experience that will open his eyes and mind.

  2. 2 george

    he was probably trolling and enjoys getting reaction…..

  3. 3 Sue

    The world is full of assholes.

  4. 4 Mark

    At least you have us your loving fans!!!!

  5. 5 Peter

    There’s a BIG difference between Gays and Pedophiles, but he hasn’t found that page on Google yet. He’s an asshole, you just fucked his shit up!

    Love your Freedom movie on Vimeo! Only 5 weeks till opening time…

  6. 6 Colin

    Brilliant video – Thanks for posting. There are some very sick people out there and one of them is the guy you had the argument with. He is an uneducated sicko. We love you Brenton.

  7. 7 Jack

    Cant wait for Tropfest. Loved the video, and the kiss. You’d have to be delusional and suffering serious mental illness to connect being gay to child abuse. Chin up Brenton and well done.

  8. 8 drew

    how did he know what a twink or a bear is?

    maybe he is a closet gay, or a male who sleeps with males but identifies as “straight”

    personally I prefer twunks, a little more to play with heheheheh

  9. 9 John

    Sorry to say you just can’t fix stupid. It’s the old school trick… if you don’t understand someone attack them. Keep you chin up Brenton and stand tall.

  10. 10 Reymon

    Could be worst, try being a gay dad and called a pedophile! It hurts, but they know that, which is why the tiny dick society come up with this shit!

  11. 11 Grant

    When people reveal who they are – believe them.

  12. 12 Matthew

    Straight guys wait for the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED “Swimsuit Edition” every year with gorgeous “Straight Female Twinks”, not forty or fifty year old swim bikini clad models. Are these straight men pedophiles looking at these young beautiful ladies – some 19 years old? Of course not? Only gay guys are held to a different standard than the straight community.

  13. 13 Toby

    I rink Matthew’s comment about the Spotrs Illustrated Swimsuit calendar is spot on! Great,illustration or a double standard

  14. 14 Nat Nasci

    He sounds like a troll plain and simple. It’s best to ignore these pathetic posters since your reaction is what they are going for. I ignore them knowing my lack of response is my only weapon.

  15. 15 James

    I just remind them that 90% of pedophiles are in fact straight – men fiddling with little girls. That pretty much shuts them up straight away.

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