The video above is one that I watched earlier today that had me completely stunned at the idiocy of the very vocal right wing minority. This woman is concerned that her child will he harmed by being taught yoga at school as part of a life skills program in the region. How would yoga hurt her child? She sees the Hindu association as a problem because it isn’t Christian. Hindu is a religion yes, but the yoga aspect of it relates to balance in life and open mindedness which I think is severely lacking in this woman’s version of Christianity. Yes she is part of a very vocal, very small group in the area but of course she wasn’t content to just remove her child from the classes (god forbid, religion aside that the kids get a bit of exercise) but she had to try and get the classes stopped.

By contrast, the video below is amazing. Noah St John is a 15 year old man being raised by two loving lesbians who was given the NPR Snap Judgement Performance of the Year with this beautiful story about his two mother’s. His passion and confidence tell an even better story of being raised in a loving and healthy way. To the ultra wingnut religious types out there, you are teaching your children hate. Any version of God that I’ve heard of would be bitterly disappointed in you.