Tomorrow in Sydney is going to be close to one of the hottest day’s on record. Six years ago when I was still doing life saving patrols at the beach we had a New Year’s day that was 44.2 degrees celsius (111.5 F) and that was the second hottest day on record. Tomorrow is predicted to be 43 (109) and I’m almost glad I went back to work today so that I can sit in the air conditioning and not worry about the heat too much. I would be just as happy sitting somewhere in the shade where I could jump naked into the water though.

It’s not predicted to get below 30 overnight tomorrow night either so it may be a good time to grab some friends and go for a cheeky skinny dip somewhere. The guys in the video below are skinny dipping in a lake in Scotland so I imagine quite a bit cooler than what we’ll be experiencing. Maybe that’s why they didn’t film them coming out. The water in those lakes in Scotland is COLD!

Loch tay – 2000fps from Tom Mitchell on Vimeo.