Something that has been niggling at me for a long time has finally got to the point where I thought I’d bring it up here on the blog. None of this blog post is a criticism, more of a questioning observation. I’ve often wondered why we as humans celebrate most often the traits in people that they have no control over. We also condemn the same way. I do it, we all do it. It’s human nature.

“What the hell is he on about now?” you ask. Let’s start close to home, in the gay community or as men in general. We all celebrate or hold up as the ideal, a big cock. Did that person who is blessed with one do anything to achieve it or earn it? Nope. Genetic luck gave him that big meaty object of desire. Being really short is something that is often made fun of, but why? Why is red hair usually the source of ridicule at school? Why are a straight nose and a wide smile considered things to aspire to?

We can all work harder on our body and yes, a fit body is celebrated too but not in the same way. There are lots of things that we do actually achieve or earn that are celebrated as well but if someone has a nice arse, a big dick, beautiful eyes or blonde hair, things that are lusted after and desired, we tell them they are better than people that don’t but it’s not like it’s our fault if we don’t have those things. Just wondering why?