Dear 2012,

Thank you for an interesting ride. I’m not sure all of it was a ride I wanted to be on but maybe I needed to be on it. I have been taking my health for granted for too long and tearing the tendons off the bone in both biceps was possibly a wake up call I needed, but there are more gentle ways of teaching me that one I’m sure.

2012, you took my last grandparent away from me but I can’t really be too upset with you for that. He’d been here longer than he wanted to be and didn’t know how to let go. Somehow he finally learnt and is hopefully reunited with my grandmother who had been waiting 16 long years for him to join her. While it was sad to see him go, his memorial service was one of the most amusing and positive services that it’s possible to have. He was 96 when you showed him the way and essentially been a cheeky larrikin for at least 90 of those years.

I don’t know how it works between years, but if you could speak to 2013 and ask him/her to be a bit more gentle and a bit more liberal with throwing the romance and adult time around, that would be greatly appreciated. If Charlie Chaplin can father a child at the age of 90, surely I can get laid again before I turn 40? Can’t be too far out of the realms of possibility can it?

You’ve been a kind year in terms of creativity for me. You’ve blessed me with many successful photo shoots and many ideas and thoughts to sustain me for a while and I hope your successor, 2013, will be as kind. It will be under his/her supervision that I’ll be hosting my second exhibition, “Freedom” and I’d like it to be a success.

Thank you for all the laughs, tears, good times and bad that have come my way in your name, 2012. Yes, I’m thanking you for the bad times because they have made me appreciate the good a little more. Thank you for keeping my amazing family and friends (mostly) safe and sound. They keep me smiling.

Yours sincerely,