Shame it never happened

I really was hoping that that guy was going to start up the nude gyms but sadly it wasn’t to be. This group of English lads has made this video just having a bit of a laugh. They aren’t shy and good on them.

CMNM Workout Report by axrobber

10 Responses to “Shame it never happened”

  1. 1 David Asset

    I think I’d find working out in the nude problematic: my boys would bounce around too much. It could be painful! Also I’d be so busy checking out the gym, I just might fall off my treadmill, which statistically is the most frequent gym injury suffered by participants.

  2. 2 KiwiJames

    Brilliant video!

  3. 3 Lex

    I can see yoga nude, even nude running or jogging but work outs that actually require equipment, shared or owned personally could lead to more injuries or unsanitary issues.

  4. 4 JimmyD

    After watching this… Last night I dreamed that my gym was nude. It was a nice dream!

  5. 5 Nat Nasci

    I’ve worked out nude at a few gyms in resorts over the years.Working out nude is wonderful. Some guys might have to wear a jock to prevent injuring, but trust me the vast majority need not worry as you naturally contract if running etc. After all if it was good enough for the ancient Greeks……

  6. 6 JimmyD

    Nat: Cool. But, unless one wears a cup, how much protection can the average jock strap provide? Tho… it would be just as fun if everyone were only wearing jock straps!

  7. 7 Nat Nasci

    Most guys, at least at my gym do not wear cups for working out. Playing hockey, yes. Jocks keep your junk from flopping around while running, so some guys need or prefer them for that. However having attended many,many nude fun runs I can safely say the vast majority of guys can run totally nude without jocks, cups etc. Some even run barefoot.

  8. 8 Chris

    Comments that it’s dangerous to exercise nude are completely dumb. You really think our bodies were made to exercise only with clothing? There isn’t an exercise out there you can’t do nude.

  9. 9 Grant

    These guys can get thrown out of the gym for what they did. Not one used a towel to sit on or wiped down the equipment.LOL

  10. 10 clint

    As a frequent visitor to Sydney I find the lack of clothing optional venues and facilities in Sydney surprising given that its supposed to be one of the gay capitols of the world. Not one clothing optional gay guest house or bed and breakfast. Please someone start one up! I think there must be a market for it. It could have a small gym as part of the facilities.

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