Last year, part of the reason my relationship fell apart was the fact that my boyfriend was completely freaked out by my nudist tendencies and being honest, I wasn’t sensitive enough to that. I recently chatted to another nudie on a nudist site who has since sent a message saying his partner is totally freaked out and has insisted that he cut ties with nudist friends and stop going to nude beaches etc. He is hopeful that his boyfriend will come around. After the tension that my nude habits created last year, I now make sure to include the fact that I go to nude beaches on any online profiles that I have so that it’s out there and people know what to expect.

It’s no secret that this blog is an advocate for social nudity and for that reason I assume that lots of my readers are nudists. So, I want to hear from you guys that are lucky enough to have a partner about how you make it work if only one of you is into social nudity. Does he just put up with it but isn’t really a fan? Does he think it’s amusing and completely fine but just isn’t into it himself? Or does he come along to nude beaches and dabbles from time to time but isn’t as into it as you are? Please, let me know.