As time goes by one has realised that the rules of society constantly evolve and change and in some situations behaviour that would have been inappropriate in times gone by is now perfectly acceptable. Take fishing for example, not always looked kindly upon, it seems to be positively de rigueur these days. No I’m not talking about hunting with a pole and line for the aquatic food. I’m referring to using your own pole and physical attributes to fish for compliments.

Over the years one has had something happen several times, whereby you receive a fairly benign compliment online from a (usually international) very attractive gentleman. Being the polite individual one is, one might respond with a slightly more enthusiastic compliment in return. For example “Wow, you are gorgeous, thanks for the compliment. Great body/cock/generally-pleasing-physical-attribute you have there.” Only to never hear from them again. I guess it’s the opposite of modern internet trolling. Trolling uses being offensive or mean to get an angry response or to upset someone. Fishing for compliments is purely to stroke their own ego.