DJ Dan Murphy and the delectable Kylie Unlikely are hosting a very special party this Saturday night in Sydney. If you have a hankering for some retro disco roller fabulosity, get your ticket here to join the gang at the UNSW Roundhouse in Kensington. Unfortunately I can’t make it as I’m out of town on Saturday and have a photo shoot on Sunday that I need to be fully functioning for and not hungover or broken, which is just as likely if you put me on rollerskates.

It’s guaranteed to be a fantastic party and full of laughs. Dan knows how to throw a bloody cracking party and Kylie Unlikely is a force to be reckoned with.  Word of advice, if you are dressing up in costume and chat to Kylie Unlikely, you’d better have an impressive backstory prepared for your character or she won’t be impressed! The following is taken from the website “Join your hosts KYLIE UNLIKELY and DJ DAN MURPHY in a fully live and Hi-Fidelity stereo environment guaranteed to make you Lost In Music and Wired For Sound. Expect Diva Drop-ins and drop dead roller routines as the Roller Boogie All-Stars take to the rink (with hilarious results.)  So dust off those roller-skates and get ready to Bump, Hustle and Boogaloo in a Christmas Disco wonderland! Roller Boogie is the perfect place to get your Xmas groove on with all your favourite party people, and with ROLLER and BOOGIE options you are free to Xanadu or Xandon’t!”