When in Rome…

Today I stumbled across this video of Chris Peters. Don’t know him? Neither do I but he’s about to get some gay traffic to his video. Chris was on his way to what he describes as a sweet kite surfing spot when he noticed a sign saying Clothing Optional Area. What to do? Strip off of course. This is the spirit with which I think more people should approach nudity, the “why not” approach.

Chris has put together this video of his time naked kite surfing. I don’t know what the reaction of the other kite surfers was but if they are anything like your larrikin Aussie surfers, they probably laughed and gave him a bit of a friendly ribbing about it. Love it!

Kite Naked from Chris Peters on Vimeo.

11 Responses to “When in Rome…”

  1. 1 BosGuy

    Okay, I have a huge crush on this guy. Thanks for sharing B.

  2. 2 kazza

    Only way to go – naked!

  3. 3 sfbarefeet

    Naked sports… hunky man… what’s not to like!

  4. 4 Gerry

    I *knew* it! That was Rooster Rock State Park on the Columbia River on the Oregon side! I’ve been there a number of times, but I’d never seen anyone kite surfing before, clothed or naked. It did not look terribly warm.

  5. 5 DamienOz

    That is SO cool……… and so much fun!!!!!

  6. 6 Mark

    And what a cute bum and charming smile!!!

  7. 7 Tim

    Cute bum indeed! Crushing on him here too!

  8. 8 Billy

    I nominate him for best pixellation.

  9. 9 Martin

    Nice bit of video but the censorship bits were a bit coy for this day and age

  10. 10 Alex

    Rooster Rock is a beautiful park! Too bad I have never seen any guys this hot or kite surfing there.

  11. 11 Transpacific RoadLesstravelled

    These guys aren’t naked. They use body parts and careful poses, inserted screens, and pixelation to clothe the one area that must be clothed on a public beach that is not clothing optional.

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