I’ve been back in the gym for 3 and a half months now and the strength and tone are coming back nicely but something has been missing. The night of my injury I had not long been saying to someone in my class that I didn’t feel like my body and I were getting along. To an extent we still aren’t. It feels like I’m always fighting my body at the moment. Having been athletic all my life, the combination of age and the lack of movement that came with the recovery time means that it feels like that connection with my body and the ease with which I used to do things has been lost.

Today I my body and I had our first couples counseling session. I went to my first yoga class in over 6 years. No I didn’t go back to the nude classes, my relationship with my body didn’t need the distraction of dangly bits in our therapy and I can’t justify the cost at the moment of paying for extra classes when my gym has a convenient session on a Sunday afternoon included in my membership. Perfect. We have many sessions of therapy ahead of us before my body and I have the relationship we used to have and perhaps it will always be different, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Next week, session number two. I just hope my body doesn’t get jealous if I keep checking out the hot muscly athlete guy over to the left while focusing on my breathing.