AussieBum Aussielicious Fitness Challenge – November Update

It’s that time again, time to show you all how our fitness challengers are going. From left to right we have Daniel S, Jonathon, Luke, Reymon, Richard, Andreas and myself. I am so proud of everyone for sticking with this. We’ve lost a few along the way but these guys are sticking it out. Reymon is battling a knee injury but is making great progress despite the setbacks. My last month has been a bit rubbish in terms of food, so the last few weeks of the challenge are going to be more dedicated I swear.

2 Responses to “AussieBum Aussielicious Fitness Challenge – November Update”

  1. 1 Richard

    I would really like to know what Jonathan does as far as work outs. I am trying to get bigger arms and chest like him.

  2. 2 JimmyD

    Wow! You all are doing great!

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