Would you if you could?

This Friday, December 7, is National Work in the Nude day. Now the business I work for isn’t a big business but I still don’t think I’d be able to get away with working in the nude on Friday and I’m pretty comfortable with my colleagues not seeing me naked. It’s an interesting thought though and I know several people that work from home that probably work nude most of the time they are at home. I know that when I was working from home and doing freelance graphic design work a few years back, I tended to get dressed because if I didn’t I masturbated to porn more than I actually worked. That doesn’t make for a comfortable financial situation.

Would you work nude if you could?

15 Responses to “Would you if you could?”

  1. 1 Smooth kiwi

    That’d be a yes from me, sadly can’t-but I’d love to!

  2. 2 Mac

    Hell yeah I would. But I’m cabin crew so I can’t imagine it happening ever. Though it would make going through security a LOT faster…

  3. 3 Nakedinpb

    at home and working naked right now……about half my work week is spent this way and those hours that are find me a lot more relaxed and happy.

  4. 4 KiwiJames

    There was a great UK TV series a few years back called the Naked Office where a workplace psychologist would go to a worksite with team issues, assess the problems, try and initiate team building culminating in a naked day at the office on the friday.

  5. 5 Lex

    No, I couldn’t & wouldn’t want to for either of my jobs. One has me with children & the other has me working/teaching combat sports.

  6. 6 Jeffrey

    Ha, getting dressed whilst working at home…that’s a thought I’ll have to try it. Maybe I’ll actually get some work done for a change.

  7. 7 Richard

    I would, I could, I do. Those that work with me on a daily basis are surprised when I am actually wearing clothing. And I am surprised that you don’t have the ability to govern your actions during the day and look at porn…LoL.

  8. 8 Bernd

    Office drone in the US here, so being nude in the office is so out of the question. Working from home I’ve done it a couple of times, but sitting behind a PC naked is not so much fun. Covering the chair with towels is a pain. I prefer t-shirt and comfy shorts.

  9. 9 Kirill

    I would, but given the current development, at least in US, not only are we not given a possibility to work naked, there soon may be not much availability even for nude recreation :-/

  10. 10 sfbarefeet

    I always work around the house in the nude, but going to the office nude? I’m not sure… There are a few guys in the office I’d love to see naked, and I’m not shy about being naked with others… it would be a great day if we had that option!

  11. 11 Massimo

    There’s the time, every other week, that I work overtime in my office, being there by myself, allows me to do the same duties I normally do during the day but in a clothes-free enviroment. I’ll never forget the first time I drove naked the forklift at the warehouse.

  12. 12 Reymon

    Driving from home to home helping the elderly, so not going to happen. As soon as I get home and doing anything around the house or yard, hell yeah, always naked.

  13. 13 David Asset

    As you may suspect, I personally wouldn’t have a problem going starkers at work but I’d have to take the NYC subway to get there and that wouldn’t be practical.

  14. 14 Naturist Man

    Interesting thread… it’s funny, because I enjoy being nude, both in public and private, yet I have trouble envisioning myself going to work in the office nude. In the past I spent a couple years with a company where I worked from home, and my home environment is totally clothing optional. But even then I dressed for work – usually just shorts & a t-shirt, but still dressed. Oddly, even as much as I like being nude, even around other people, it didn’t feel right “meeting” with my co-workers (phone calls, etc) without being dressed. Strange, eh?

  15. 15 Eric Hugh (quafaie)

    I would love to have a job where I could be naked. Sadly my current job it would be in appropriate (I teach, albeit in a post secondary institution, it’s still inappropriate).

    Even if I could work in the nude, this is not the time of year in Canada to be commuting in the nude (there’s about a 30 cm (a foot) of snow accumulated and temperatures around -15 C (~ 5 F)).

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