The Penniless Photographer

In my adventures through the land of Tumblr, I started seeing some images that looked like they were taken by the same person. So what did I do? I followed the trail back through tumblr to the source. The Penniless Photographer is, in his own words, an immigrant to NYC and his tumblr seems to at times be a visual diary of sorts exploring the feelings of a man in a foreign land, trying to work out where he stands in this new place. He explores loneliness, hope, dreams and all sorts of things. He doesn’t post a lot and doesn’t reblog other’s work from what I can see. I love the warmth and colour in his photos, as well as his seeming comfort with nudity, of course. Click the images above to see them larger.

2 Responses to “The Penniless Photographer”

  1. 1 Jon

    You’re right the pictures are great looking. Do you think the model is being photoshopped into the pictures? And is the model the photographer?

  2. 2 Penniless Photographer


    Thank you for the nice write up!_:)
    I’m big fan of your photography! Your use of light and compositions are stunning!

    Quick respond to Jon– Those are self-portraits. Im the model & photographer. I did not photoshop myself into images. I was actually nude in the landscape. The idea was being nude in photographs to show how I was vulnerable in the big city NYC when I moved here.I do have self-portraits with clothing too-:)

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