Murphy’s law dictates that if my friends and I are planning a weekend of camping, then the weather will turn to rubbish. It’s happened 4 times out of 5 this year. This weekend, myself and another two friends are all quite tired and haven’t had a proper break in a while. So we are going camping. Nude. Because that’s how we like to be dressed. Tomorrow is supposed to be about 40 degrees celsius (104 F) but cooler on Sunday and Monday. I have Monday off work, as do my friends and even though there is a pretty good chance of a bit of rain, we figure we all need to have a break so if that means reading in a tent, so be it.

River Island is a beautiful place to go camping. Enough facilities to make if comfortable if you need them, or you can be as self reliant as you like. You can wander for miles through the bush nude and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.