Today this image went around on facebook, getting a lot of likes and overall positive comments. If the comments were negative, they tended to be more about the logistics and safety of the act rather than anything homophobic, which was nice. I am concerned about the safety and practicality of trying to kiss someone when both of you are holding at least 70 kg (154lb) above your head in a deep squat. Is it an ironic play on the name of the Whey Protein? Is it two straight muscle guys just goofing around in the gym or is it really two hot muscle guys getting awkwardly passionate? I’m intrigued.

Update: In a move that proves the world is too small, a close girlfriend of mine just rang saying she knows one of these guys. He was a deeply religious guy who was struggling with his sexuality, and now he’s out and proud and this is he and his equally gym-focused boyfriend, just having a laugh in the gym. So sweet. Still dangerous, but sweet.