Come swim with me

A couple of days ago I signed up for a new swimming event being held in Sydney in February. It’s a nude 900m swim in Sydney Harbour starting at one of our beautiful harbour nude beaches, Cobblers Beach. The event is the Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim and I can’t wait. I’ll have to train a bit for it as I haven’t done anything more than splash about in the water in years but it’s not a long swim. It’s also not a race but a nude event to raise money for the Middle Head National Park. Groups will set off together but not race. Who is going to come swim nude with me?

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  1. 1 Sue

    I sure wish I could! We have to join up with our local pool in January. I haven’t swum since summer! Can’t wait to hit the water again!

  2. 2 Martin

    Is this swim in the open waters of Sydney Harbour? If so, watch out for the sharks!

    On New Year’s Day when, along with a group of friends, I take the plunge into the chilly 5/6c waters of English bay I will think of you training in the warm waters of Sydney Harbout.

    The annual Polar Bear swim is definitely not clothing optional and even if it was the cold water would ensure there would be nothing to be seen.

    Oh to be in Australia now that summer is there

  3. 3 Gerry

    I’d swim with you if I had the time and the money to get to Australia in February. I’d love to do a long-distance nude ocean swim, and there’s no way an event like that would happen in the US. That’s the consequence of living in a country founded by Puritans.

  4. 4 Jack

    I was down at Cobblers 3 days ago on my yacht and saw a Bull Shark hovering quite close to shore… I see quite a few sharks these days around the spit and middle head.

  5. 5 Mike O

    Hey I’m registered and looking forward to an awesome day. Will be my first naked swim in Sydney.

    I think all the boats and noise would be enough to keep any sharks away on the day.

    Bring it on x

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