On Tuesday I sent a dear friend and fellow blogger an email. It wasn’t an easy email to write as I was worried as to how he might take what I felt I needed to say. Damien took the email very well indeed and even wrote about the topic that I raised in his post last night. Not only did I call Damien out on his negative self talk, I put my hand up as being just as guilty. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been jokingly calling myself fat and old way too often and it’s starting to become a reason to not do things or push myself at aerial silks, not to let myself even contemplate that a guy might be interested etc.

Yes, I’m feeling very old at the moment with a sore rib from silks class, but unlike the thoughts that have been going through my head of late, I’m NOT too old to do the class. When I’m back to full strength and my confidence comes back a bit, I’m actually a pretty decent aeralist. I need to push myself in class to get back to that, but when I do the class is actually a lot more fun. I think that’s called a win/win situation.

So, not only is Damien going to stop using his weight as a defence mechanism, he’s also not going to rest on his laurels and do nothing about his weight, which I know annoys him. Right along side him, I’m going to stop talking myself down and talking myself out of things I love because I’m scared and using my age and fitness as an excuse.