When one is in a frisky mood for some shenanigans of the adult kind, who can resist the allure of the hottie buffet that is Grindr? Twice today whilst browsing in a bored moment, I was thrilled to receive messages from people articulate enough to string together two or three whole letters to say Hi or even Hey. I consider myself so fortunate to have received these messages. When I looked at who was sending these eloquent missives of lust, I was even more thrilled to see that they obviously fell into the “discrete” category of man-on-man lover. Not only did they not have a photograph, but both “profiles” were completely blank. Not a word of a description or status.

A sexual man of mystery is always a bonus. It seems only logical to assume that any one of us elegant homosexuals will willingly agree to a sexual encounter with a complete stranger that we have no idea what they look like or where they fall on the spectrum of anorexic to morbidly obese. It makes me think I should try deleting my photo and description. After all, who needs to know my age? It’s just a number anyway isn’t it? We homosexuals are such rampant sex fiends that it shouldn’t matter if I’m 80 or 18. In fact I might even try a similar approach in bars. I’ll walk up behind someone and place my hands over their eyes and ask if they’ll have sex with me and only once we are at home will they be allowed to see me. Sounds delightfully fun!