Who would be on your wish list?

Every now and then I mentally add a celebrity to my wish list to photograph. Some of them, as happens with some of my other models, I am instantly hit with an idea when I see someone, other times I just want to photograph a person and I’ll come up with the idea later. It’s pretty obvious that Kylie would be on my wish list along with Matthew Mitcham. Hugh is definitely on my list. A new addition to my photography wish list, as well as my crush list, is Ryan Gosling. Swoon. Megan Gale has been a girl crush for ages and I’d LOVE to photograph her.

I was wondering about who you, all of my lovely readers, would like to see me photograph? Don’t get all excited, I don’t suddenly have access to any of these people, but I’m just curious to know who you would like me to shoot and see what I could do.

4 Responses to “Who would be on your wish list?”

  1. 1 Mac

    Being a big fan of, and having met the man a few times knowing he is a very cool hepcat, I’d love to see you bring out the sensitive side in Jeff Martin (The Tea Party). A Hemsworth would be worthy of your lens, as would Channing Tatum and Chris Wolthemstowe of Muse (major crush on that dude!).

  2. 2 KiwiJames

    Darren Hayes… a man of incredible musical talent but a bit of an enigma at the same time. (Plus he’s got eyes that are very expressive) I’d love to see how you would interpret that on film.

  3. 3 Steve

    Eric Bana. Chan Tatum. Nicole Kidman. Lady Gaga. The Duke of Cambridge. Prince Harry of Wales.

  4. 4 Marc

    Andreas, Toby, Tim, Matt Wilson…..all nudes of course…definite frontal for Andreas!!! Daniel Conn, Nick Youngquest :)

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