When I came back to aerial silks after the six month recovery from my injury and surgery, I fully expected my body to take a long time to recover. Especially given my typically lazy approach to exercise, so the strength that I’m still making up isn’t a surprise to me. Some of the strength has come back quicker than I though, in all those areas that weren’t injured but just weren’t exercised in the recovery time. What has surprised me and is frustrating me no end, is how long the confidence is taking to come back. Tonight at silks class I chickened out of a trick that granted, I haven’t done in ages and ages, but I haven’t done it in ages because it’s actually very simple. For some reason the idea of doing it freaked me out a bit and I couldn’t do it. It’s not even a trick that is even close to re-injuring my arms. I guess I just need to go back to the basics and build the confidence back up along with the strength.
The shots above are of a stunning man called Stephane Haffner. A quick google isn’t actually yielding much information on Stephane apart from the fact that he’s french which I had pretty much guessed from his name. His model mayhem profile is written in french but there are lots of words in there that suggest acrobatics and gymnastics which are obvious from his portfolio. The photos above are by the very talented David Vance and Jeff Palmer.