A few weeks back, I was very lucky to be approached to photograph a fundraising calendar for Community Brave, a wonderful organisation trying to stamp out bullying and promote acceptance and tolerance in the LGBT community and the wider community in general. Well, they’ve just released a teaser trailer for the calendar. The Calendar itself is in the process of being put together, to be released next month. It was a great day doing the photographs, shooting groups from the various gay sporting teams in Sydney, the Convicts (rugby), the Bentstix (Hockey), Stingers (Waterpolo), Flying Bats (Women’s soccer) and a bunch of other groups. I got to meet people that I don’t normally come across in my day to day life. For example I rarely seem to interact with the transgender community and know about it but the Carmen Rupe Memorial Trust were one of the most fun groups to come through on the day. I can’t wait to get the finished product out there!