Gay magazines, whether traditional printed magazines or online magazines, serve a purpose. Who hasn’t bought a gay magazine and snuck it home to read before they came out to see what big gay world was out there? I know I did. It was also full of nude men, being the now sadly defunct Blue magazine.

Honestly though, there are a huge number of gay men probably not being catered to by the current crop of gay magazines full of abs, waxed tanned torsos and luxury holidays centred around circuit parties. I know I can’t afford luxury travel or the latest Louis Vuitton bag. I’m a fairly normal guy with normal interests and I’d like something more from a gay magazine. That’s where Hello Mr. comes in. Hello Mr. is a new Australian gay magazine using kickstarter to get itself up and running.

According to their publicity they describe themselves like this: “Hello mr. is a magazine about men who date men. it’s the overdue response to the unending clichés that surround current gay lifestyle publications. rather than pushing agendas or perfecting appearances, it’s about relevant material for a misrepresented generation with an evolved range of interests. a chronicle of everyday life, and the narratives which define it.”

The imagery on the Hello Mr. site is edgy and interesting without being patronising or clichéd. I’m very interested in how it will turn out. Please support this new magazine. The gay community too often bitches and moans about nothing new ever happening, but then doesn’t support it when something does come along. Visit their kickstarter page today!