Better than the alternative.

Over the years that I’ve been maintaining Aussielicious I’ve learnt the hard way not to blog angry. Sometimes it’s a very hard rule to stick to. Last week’s Etiquette post got a couple of comments that riled me up a bit but I held my tongue and am posting now, a few days later with a clearer head.

One comment was very mild but suggested that the guy might not like being rebutted online. Fair enough to a point and last week’s date certainly wasn’t the main inspiration for my post. The other date was several years ago and I told him when he messaged me asking for a second date that there was less than a snowball’s chance in hell of a second date. Who announces that they have diarrhea, insults someone’s hairline and tells them they are rude for not shaving and then expects a second date. In my opinion, a bit of anonymous ribbing online is the least of his concerns.

The comment that really upset and pissed me off said that “beggars and choosers comes to mind” and called me “perpetually couple-challenged”. Re-reading the comment now, the tone isn’t as harsh as I initially interpreted it when I first read it, but the insinuation that as someone who has struggled to find the right guy and a relationship I should settle for what’s on offer, no matter how bad, is a bit offensive. Should I actually be content with someone who insults me and has no social skills at all, just for the sake of being in a relationship? No thank you very much. I would much rather enjoy my rather good life as a single man with great friends and family than lower my expectations to the point where I actually don’t care for the person I’m in a relationship with, just so that I can say I have someone.

I know relationships are hard to maintain and the fairytale is a very rare thing indeed, but I don’t think I could cope being in a loveless relationship just for the sake of it, and have to wait for my boyfriend to tell a dinner party that he’s got diarrhea. In fact, calling me a beggar would in fact imply that I would take anything on offer.

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    I heartily agree. NO relationship is better than a BAD relationship. One should at least have an abiding ‘like’ for the object of one’s respect. Being in a relationship just to be in a relationship is not a relationship. At best, it’s a social arrangement of convenince for both parties. One is better off with friends, family and perhaps one or two very close friends or a confidant of like mind. It is well to keep in mind that if one can ‘fall in love’, one can just as easily ‘fall out of love’. Therefore, I think the real success of a relationship, once determined by BOTH parties, is that an abiding respect for each other’s differences as well as similarities be extant in the chosen relationship. I also believe that both must like each other and be friends to one another. Sometimes love takes time to grow. In my experience those relationships that last are the relationships between true friends. And just as a codicil to the least one will have a friend if the relationship changes…and sometimes they do. I applaud you for your wisdom and perserevance. “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!” (On a sign in my studio to remind me.)

  2. 2 Mark

    Brenton…if you can’t sound off to us then who!!! Just let it out!

    Once when I had just cum after being sucked off, the guy told me, “When I was sucking you off, I thought it would be easy to just bite your cock off to see what that is like!”

    My cock is still in place and doing fine,,,thank God

  3. 3 Mac

    This is one person’s blog and you have the right to say whatever the bloody hell you want on it. For one of us readers to dictate what you should be saying or espousing is akin to coming to your house and saying “You’re wrong to not let guests smoke in your kitchen”. If we don’t like what we’re reading, we can bugger off and read someone else’s blog…or join a church – they welcome that kind of judgemental behaviour.

  4. 4 Boris

    But you could have more than tripled your collection of fairy’s and unicorns! OMG How on earth did you pass THAT opportunity up?!

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