Gratuitous beef hiking.

I don’t have time to post much tonight as I’m actually going on a date. A real dinner date. Strangely enough we met on Grindr and we aren’t going to have sex tonight. Probably not anyway. So I’m leaving you to ponder whether I’ve had a successful date or not while you admire this slab of beef going for a hike with all his muscles.

5 Responses to “Gratuitous beef hiking.”

  1. 1 damien

    Very enjoyable

  2. 2 Ojo

    I would say that a first date that ends up in the sack is NOT successful. That’s not a date, that is just a fuck.

  3. 3 Marc

    I’m mesmerized

  4. 4 James

    I think the date went well. But… I wonder if the other guy is not “having sex” to be on his best behavior but to not to have sex as to not seem easy.

  5. 5 Mark

    I agree with Marc…mesmerizing!
    Does anyone know who that guy is? I want to see more!! lol

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