Congratulations Obama!

I know there are a lot of people in the U.S. that think Romney would have been better for the U.S. financially but I think the rest of the world is very glad that the U.S. saw reason today. Obama is a vote for rational thinking over bigotry and stupidity. Congratulations Mr President. You lead the way. Hopefully our own Julia Gillard will see that you can support marriage equality and still get re-elected because that is her only rational reason for her to be wary of supporting it.

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  1. 1 Martin

    It has just gone midnight here in Vancouver Canada and I understand Washington State has voted for gay marriage as well as the legalization of marijuana. The legal marriage vote in Washington is bitter sweet for us here in B.C. because we do a roaring trade in gay marriages for Americans living on the west coast of the country. Likewise with B.C.Bud. I don’t smoke the stuff but aficionados say it is of a very high quality. What with our small but very good wineries in the Okanagan Valley adding B.C. Bud to our export market can only mean better business for everybody.
    Okay. Aussie wines are a tad better than ours and sometimes cheaper too but our local stuff ain’t that bad.

  2. 2 Sue

    I am thrilled!

  3. 3 David Asset

    Maine, Maryland and probably Washington State legalized gay marriage for the first time at the ballot box and voters rejected a constitutional ban on gay marriage in Minnesota, although gay marriage is still not permitted in that state. I don’t agree with the sentiment that Mitt Romney would have been better for the economy in that he had no plan to produce jobs or to stimulate the economy. Tax cuts for the rich don’t create jobs. At least the job market has been steadily improving under Obama and if the Republicans in the House begin ending their obstruction, maybe the USA can move forward again.

  4. 4 Jeffrey

    I”m thrilled too. What a relief!!!

  5. 5 bob g

    Well, I am very gay but did not vote for Obama.

    I still have ethics and values, he does not. He ran the dirtiest and ugliest campaign I have ever seen or heard about.

    I did 20 years in the Military and saw the world. I saw how others lived and really gained a better understanding for life in today’s society. Speaking as a gay man, Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth. I look at him as the President and cringe.

    Trust me when I say he is not good for this country. I was hoping for him in the beginning, but he proved to be bad.

    Be thankful you do not have him for your PM.

  6. 6 Mark

    Well bob, I am sorry to hear that. I too, served in the US military. I voted for Obama and am proud of him. Rather him than Romney or any of the Bushes. He needs our respect. If Romney would have gotten in, we could have kissed any hope goodbye.

  7. 7 Martin

    Brenton’s blog is not the proper place to get into a dialogue on U.S. politics but from my purview in Canada it is the Republicans who have brought the United States into the position it now finds itself. It started with Reagan who fired unionized employees, and loosened up the regulations governing the financial community, actions that were continued by the Bushes plus the disastrous war in Iraq. Men and women who held well paying jobs saw their companies move to right to work states and incomes that were in the $18 to $25 range with benefits go to with them suddenly dropping to $12 an hour with no benefits. Meanwhile executive pay rates soared. And no, I am not some sort of a pinko guy. A red Tory yes, but not a pinko.

  8. 8 Nat Nasci

    I’m a Canadian who is currently on holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A cheer went up and echoed throughout the town when it was clear Obama would win. Regardless of what someone may think of Obama, Romney would have been a disaster. All my friends around the world are glad Obama won. Not one of them, nor I, can understand how someone like Romney and Ryan could have even gotten as far as they did or how ANY gay person can think of voting for someone who is against you and your very being. It boggles the mind. P.S. serving in the U.S. military and seeing the parts of the world that the U.S. is currently involved in is NOT an adequate education of the world as a whole.

  9. 9 Steve

    Very disappointed that Obama won. Despite his very recent “personal” embrace of marriage equality, the majority of his presidency tells a very different story. That, coupled with his campaign of pettiness and lies, makes me sad that this little man of no accomplishments (other than electoral ones) is once again the President of the United States.

  10. 10 JamesK

    Steve and bob g, what campaign were you EFFING watching?!?!? 3/4 of what came out of Romney’s mouth was a total lie. I have a feeling you’re both just trolls who saw Obama’s name mentioned in a google field or something and have never visited the blog otherwise. If not, you need to get a serious fucking grip on reality. Both of you.

  11. 11 Nat Nasci

    What JamesK said.

  12. 12 bob g

    I must apologize for this turning into a name calling match. I merely wanted to express my feelings and some of the details that brought Obama into office. Not everyone is happy with Obama.

    I sometimes forget that not everyone (JamesK/Nat Nasci and others) appreciates the right to be able to speak their opinion. They forget what others have done for them to keep that right. I was in the military; I fought for my country (USA) in South Vietnam and fought in Kuwait so we, the free people of the world, could have that right. So all I need to say to the anyone who do not like my view and spouts off like JamesK is – You are very welcome! Enjoy the right of ‘Free Speech!”

  13. 13 Ron

    Bob g is correct about Obama…worse President and it’s continuing in just a couple days after election. US economy is going down. Obama lies and says things ONLY to get elected. He can’t stand on his own record so he lies about everyone else. We are quickly becoming a socialist country.

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