The numbers are dwindling on this AussieBum Fitness Challenge. There are a few contenders that haven’t told me they’ve pulled out but they haven’t responded to emails asking for their update photo either. There is also at least one contender that has only sent in the “before” photo and nothing since. A couple more have had to pull out for medical or personal reasons but there are a few of us soldiering on. Can I please note that Reymon is doing an amazing job (second guy from the left) continuing his training after quite badly hurting his knee which is really slowing down his cardio.

Thanks to the guys who are keeping up with the challenge. You only need to submit two more photos. One more at the end of November and then the final one at New Year’s! I can’t to compare the before and after photos of all the contenders. I’m less thrilled about comparing my own. I don’t know that anything has changed.