A while back I posted about my long held dream of going sailing around the Whitsunday’s in Queensland. Early this year I was chatting with some friends about my plans for a holiday before I turn 40 in October next year and the choices for me were a clothing optional gay sailing trip through Croatia with Saltyboys or Burning Man and my friends were very keen to go to Burning Man so that is what we decided.

Guess who has just announced a sailing trip through the Whitsunday Islands? The Saltyboys! A reader of this blog told me about them and raved about it. With a lot of gay and clothing optional events I assume, from past experience that the demographic might tend toward the older crowd and in any gay clothing optional crowd you run the risk of there being some who treat it as an opportunity to molest anything that walks past. Not with the Saltyboys! My reader says that everyone was absolutely lovely and there was a really good mix of people and ages.

Unfortunately with an exhibition to put on in February and a holiday to Burning Man and Hawaii to save for, another holiday isn’t in my financial destiny for some time, let alone in March when they are running the Australian trip.

Head over to the Saltyboys site to find out more. This is how they describe themselves and their tours. “Saltyboys gay and nude sailing cruise holidays for fun and fit gay guys in Greece, Croatia, France, Ibiza, Cuba, the Seychelles, Australia, Thailand and the Caribbean.No experience needed. Saltyboys welcomes both first-timers and more experienced sailors on board. Our yachts are modern and spacious with comfortable huts, a fully equipped galley and several bathrooms. Whether you come alone or with a buddy, your partner or a group of friends, you are very likely to relax, enjoy, taste some cultural heritage on the way.. and above all, have a great time with a fun group of international gay guys.”