A couple of weeks ago I posted the stunning new video “Try” from P!NK. Well now it’s time to take a moment to relish the deliciousness that is her co-star in the video, dancer and acrobat Colt Prattes. This man is clearly in pretty damn fine physical condition and it’s not just from lifting heavy things up and down in the gym. Colt obviously knows how to use his body. I’m assuming that because he was in one of the promotional images for Broadway Bares that he also performed in the show.

I’d imagine it would have been a long and exhausting shoot doing the video for “Try” with P!NK but it would have been so much fun and it would be a tough guy that would take on P!NK’s physicality. Unfortunately, Colt got into dance to meet the ladies and now he’s engaged to a woman. Oh well. As much as we’d like, we can’t hog all the pretty ones.