There are only a handful of times I’ve been set up or introduced to people with the deliberate intention of setting me up for a dating situation over the years. One was by a female colleague that I didn’t know very well at the time. She and I still laugh about how misguided that one was. She knows me and my type better now. Another was by a very good friend who described the guy as “not that good looking but he has a great personality” which would have been fine if indeed that were the case, but he was an opinionated twat with few social skills.

The latest one was probably destined to failure from the start. A colleague at work knows some girl who knows some other gay guy. My colleague had met this guy a few times and thought he was a nice guy, which he definitely was, but we weren’t ever going to work. I’m a beach baby and he hates being in the hot sun. He hates living in Sydney and wants to move out of this city as soon as he can. I love Sydney. For all it’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s home.

I’m still trying to work out whether it was sheer stupidity to allow myself to be set up by a 24 year old Christian virgin who knows no other gay men or if it was just a lack of a connection between the other guy and I. I still have my doubts about the prospects of a christian virgin setting me up, but it was worth a shot.