Tom Bianchi was one of the first photographers that I discovered in my early days of being honest to myself about my sexuality. His photos of his muscle men friends in and around the pool were beautiful. Tom has been very honest about his HIV status over the years said those photos, and lots of his work, has been a reaction to the AIDS epidemic and realising it didn’t mean you had to die, but that you could be healthy and happy and live for a very long time.

I haven’t really been that keen on Tom’s work for some time as it was a bit blatantly sexual for my taste, shooting the books “The Couch” with couples basically getting it on, on a couch and then the Deeper Sex series which is pretty self explanatory. I know it’s not the case but it feels like an excuse to have a lot of sex and taking better than average photos of the act.

Having said that, Tom has recently released these photos taken underwater and through water and I think they are beautiful. I would love photos like these on my walls. The light playing on the bodies, distorted by the water just works so well. I love photos of figures in water and had considered a whole exhibition around the theme but wasn’t sure I’d capture it the way I wanted to.