I was being updated briefly tonight on a romance situation of a friend of mine. This guy has had rotten luck with men over the years and has the worst track record of being stood up of anyone I’ve every known. A couple of months ago he pulled off one of the most difficult dating maneuvers known to mankind. He has left the friendzone and entered a relationship with someone he’s known and been good mates with for years. He was the one being pursued and resisted for a long time but has taken his chances and given it a shot. Granted, they are only a couple of months in but by all accounts it’s going well.

I haven’t had the chance to get the full story, but given the time frame I’m working on the assumption that the relationship has been consummated and the friendship changed completely. Personally, I think a healthy relationship is based on getting on really well and being friends as much as, if not more than the sexual side of things. Having said that, if the sex aint working, then the relationship probably won’t either. Having never left the friendzone to embark on a relationship, I can’t imagine how awkward that first sexual encounter, or even the first kiss, might be with a good mate. But if the attraction is there, the only question is are you willing to take the chance?

The chance of ruining a great friendship by getting horizontally naked with each other is pretty high but there are lots of couples out there where it’s worked. Only time will tell though.