This is going to be a bit of a fan rave style of post. I love P!NK. She’s just so bloody cool. No matter what you think of her music you have to give her credit for playing the music and fame game according to her own rules rather than having her image and every detail micro managed by publicists. Then there is her awesome music and the fact that she sings live and writes a lot of her stuff herself. Add to that the fact that she performs it while dangling from the roof and being thrown around by her trapeze partner and other circus folks.

Now package all that up in a beautiful new video for her song “Try” which is about the pain of breakup and being in an unhealthy relationship. This video is beautiful. Pink looks amazing, the guy in it is her training partner and he looks astonishingly hot and it’s a very stylish and acrobatic, passionate video. 5 stars from me!